Importance of Breast Pumps

Why Breast Pumps Are Necessary To Supplement Breastfeeding

If your intentions are on breastfeeding your newborn, it may come as quite a shock to you that a breast pump will be necessary. You may be wondering why. We’ve compiled a list below of reasons why breast pumps are highly recommended as a supplement to breastfeeding. Let’s take a look.

Latching Problems 

It’s not uncommon for a newborn to have issues latching on correctly to their mother’s nipple. This can create a problem for milk production and prevent your baby from getting the breast milk they need. Tommee Tippee Breast Pump at Amcal Online can be a savior in this situation as you can ensure your baby will get milk, while you work on helping them latch correctly.

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Allows Others The Ability To Feed Your Baby 

It’s no surprise that breastfeeding is a special bond between a mother and her child. However, it’s important to take into account other people, such as the father. He may feel left out as he cannot feed the baby. Breast pumps allow him the ability to bond with your child as well.

Increase Milk Supply 

It has been recommended to use breast pumps to help increase the production of milk within the body. Many breast pumps simulate the same rhythm of your newborn, allowing for increases in milk supply.

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Helps With Over Supply 

If you find your breasts are engorged, it’s time to pump. Breast pumps can help to remove the milk from your engorged breasts at times your baby is not ready to feed. Having the capability to use Avent Breast Pump at Amcal to store excess supplies for later is a must.


Allows For A Backup Supply Of Milk 

Using breast pumps to remove excess milk can allow for easy storage until the milk is needed later. This is perfect for times where the mother is unable to breastfeed. This can be due to something as simple as an infection where the mother needs to be taking antibiotics. The mother can’t pass on her milk to her newborn because of the antibiotics in it. This is the perfect time to pull that extra supply out from the freezer.

Can Assist At Times Of Infection 

Every now and then a new mother may find that her newborn has a case of oral thrush. This can infect the mother through the nipple and create a painful experience when the newborn is feeding. Having access to a breast pump allows for the mother to eliminate the chance of reinfecting their child.

We hope that you have changed your opinion on using breast pumps. As you can see these breast pumps are fairly important for every new mother to have. They can help in many situations that you may not have planned for. If you are worried about the cost of breast pumps you should talk to your insurance company to see if they will pay for any of the expense. Just be sure that you get your very own pump.

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