Save Money On Christmas Cards

How to Save Money on your Christmas Cards

When the holiday season is upon us, everyone enjoys showing their loved ones that they care. We all love making those we care about smile, but, it the cost can definitely add up over Christmas time.

Gifts alone can cost a family hundreds to thousands a year. So, it is important to cut costs wherever possible… even with your christmas cards. These days, everyone loves sending photo cards. However, they can end up costing you quite a bit of money.

Here are a few ways to save a little cash this year when sending your cards out:

– Send an e-card
Not only can you save some money on you Christmas cards, but you could save all of that money by sending a free e-card. There are plenty of online companies that will allow you to send a cute, animated greeting right to your loved ones’ inboxes.

You could even take the time to personalize each one with a special message. This will make the card feel more intimate than a generic photo.

– Use postcards
People often overlook the cost of stamps when sending their Christmas cards. You could easily spend $50-$100 on this alone! Did you know that post card stamps are cheaper?

This year, consider printing your photo on a post card or using a generic christmas post card. This will not only save you quite a bit on stamps, but will also add a unique spin to your Christmas Cards by Charity Greeting Cards sending. 

– Shop around
If you do want to order photo cards, do not simply use the first shop or site you visit. Prices can range quite a bit from business to business. You can even check the internet for coupons first to potentially save a bit.

We have even found that if you order your cards early, you may save some money from promotions or deals. Very few shops or sites will run a deal close to Christmas, so be prepared to take advantage of a sale early.

– Go old school
Who said Christmas cards have to be a personalized photo? The idea of sending out a photo card is relatively new… and often expensive. You can save money by going old school and sending a traditional card.

In case you have forgotten, these cards come in bulk packages to make them even less expensive. You also can write personalized messages in each one – making a card that is even more special.

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